Weight Management

This is a totally new model for Weight Control and Management that not only changes your body size but also changes your fundamental thinking about food and shows you how to reverse a lifetime of failed eating habits.
Steps to taking control of your life with food
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Dieting without deprivation
Quick Gourmet Recipes by the chef of one of America's most famous restaurants and the world's best lite snacks. Taste is king! This is not about deprivation but substitution. Whether it's chocolate, pastry, pizza, chips, pretzels, deli, vegetarian or drinks. We have found you the best. You can enjoy your favorite foods.. without wearing them!
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Rated one of the top two practices for Weight Control in the nation

New York Times "T-List"

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

Dr. Stephen Gullo @ 92nd St. Y, New York City "State of You Conference"

Dr. Gullo has changed my life!

I’ve lost over 20 lbs. in just under 4 months with Dr. Gullo. The best thing is that I’m not “on a diet” – I’m making changes in my life that improve the way I eat, cook and relate to food altogether. My thinking is changed forever. I have the tools and strategies to live a much trimmer life. I cannot tell you how liberating and exciting this is for me.

Dr Gullo keeps it simple

Real simple. He motivates. He explains the pitfalls. He succeeds with you. And you can keep the weight off for a decade or more! And if you do fall back a little, it can be quickly corrected. We all seem to have some food memory loss eating too much-fattening desserts, bread, etc

Dr Gullo is THE BEST

Dr Gullo is THE BEST! He teaches you a lifestyle approach to healthy eating and it is NOT about deprivation. I’m a “finisher” and I can eat tons of good, healthy food and not feel guilty. In addition, he advocates having special treats once in a while (foods that you don’t readily have available at home) and “boxing it in”. So, if you want that chocolate souffle at Daniel, eat it! Just don’t know how to make it in your own kitchen 🙂 Those GG Scandinavian crispbreads are also a fabulous tool – with a bit of low-fat cheese, eggs, etc. They keep you full! But***WARNING***don’t eat them plain!